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Pinnacle African University is a bilingual University located in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin and authorized –ANNEE 2013 N˚ 044/MESRS/CAB/DC/SGM/DPP/DGES/DEPES/SA by the Republic of Benin to offer Degree Programs. We are situated in a serene and conducive environment for serious academic work.
Our team is currently led by a Professor of Medicine, an astute academician and administrator, Prof Dr med Olayele Philip Abiodun, who, having obtained his undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in West Germany, acquired further teaching and administrative experience in Germany, Nigeria and Gulf countries. He has worked as Head of Department of Pediatric (UNIBEN), Dean of Faculty of Medical Science (UNIBEN) and Vice-chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University. He is joined by very well experienced and committed academicians and administrators, who believe in the mission of helping individuals to reach their pinnacle through education and truth.


Pinnacle African University was founded based on our conviction that mankind, especially in Africa and other underdeveloped nations can regain his freedom from poverty, socio-economic underdevelopment and impoverishment through education, as is the case of the rich and developed nations. We also believe that tertiary education for the majority, even in developing countries is a realistic possibility in no distant date. Thus, our emphasis is mostly on tertiary education. Realizing also the fact that quite a good number of our working class individuals would still love to catch up on this missed opportunity, if given the chance, we, as a study centre attach importance to the running of sandwich and weekend courses to come to the aid of these mature students.

This is beside regular students. We believe that recent developments in the area of Distant Learning and e-learning should be used to optimum advantage. We are focused on helping individuals achieve their potentials through qualitative education.
The Pinnacle African University is bilingual University in Francophone Country as a further effort to support regional co-operation and educational standardization in the West African subregion and ultimately globally. While English is the language of teaching for the English speaking, all English speaking students shall compulsorily be made to undergo and pass a French language course during their stay in the university, while French speaking students, who will be taught in French, would be required to show their proficiency in the English language before graduation. While, we believe, this is an incentive to students, it is an important way of bridging the language gap, a great impediment to co-operation, African integration and socio-economic empowerment. This, will no doubt, also strengthen the marketability of our products.


-To produce educationally and morally sound and a pride to their families and countries
-To produce students, who will, through entrepreneurship development, be employers rather than employees at the end of their studies.
-To help in the reduction of educational gap between the rich and poor individuals and nations.
-To give mature individuals the opportunity to make up for missed opportunities and now achieve their goals of having tertiary education.
-To contribute to achievement of the MDGs of the United Nations of Education for all.
-To contribute to integration of ECOWAS and African Union nations
-To extend social services to the community and hence contribute to their socio-economic development